Injured Workers and Workers with a Disability


One of the potential benefits of Telework is the opportunity for injured or disabled workers to fully participate in the workforce.

Telework provides a strategy for reconnecting injured workers to their former workplace as well as an articulation strategy for progressively migrating disabled workers into employment vacancies.

Presently within Australia the opportunities for workers with a permanent disability or chronic injury appear somewhat limited.

The advent of the National Broadband Network has the potential to increase the opportunities for the disabled.

  • Teleworking can provide a means of reconnecting injured workers with their former workplace whilst recovering.

  • The availability of technologies for supporting disabled workers to participate in employment is a growth area.

  • Disabled workers have skills that can be valuable to employers provided that suitable technologies are implemented to support participation.

  • The flexibility of Telework means that health issues can be factored and still allow productive output.

There is more information available on the Job Access website that outlines Government programs for transitioning disabled workers into mainstream employment.

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