Planning Telework Strategies


The introduction of any Telework solution requires careful planning.

Whilst there are technological considerations the key focus should be on personnel and workplace efficiencies - Telework is about augmenting the way that people do their existing work with greater flexibility. Fortunately there are several resources available to assist in the process - see the links sidebar.

  Ten Planning Issues  
  1. Have clearly defined objectives:
    The use of Telework in an organisation will deliver benefits as long as it is targeted to streamline work performance.
  2. Take a Long Term perspective:
    Teleworking can effectively shift your business model as well as delivering cost benefits and should be included in a business plan.
  3. Do a Cost Benefit Analysis:
    The cost benefits should also consider the less tangible aspects of Telework such as quality of life and morale.
  4. Ensure Management is fully engaged:
    Any reluctance to implement telework will come primarily from management so it is crucial that it is endorsed at all levels.
  5. Consult with stakeholders:
    Staff in ICT, HR, Union Representatives, likely teleworkers, other staff and managers will need to be consulted. It is also useful to seek external input from other Telework adopters and experts.
  6. Formalise Telework policy and guidelines:
    Specify the activities suitable for teleworking and establish defined procedures and delineation of workplace duties.
  7. Specific consultations:
    Any telework policy proposal should be discussed with senior management, HR and ICT and all affected staff.
  8. Implement a Rollout Plan:
    This will require establishment of a task group to manage any equipment purchases, software development, training and deployment.
  9. Incremental Migration:
    Move part of the workforce to a Telework model and monitor the effects of transition prior to a full migration of work practices.
  10. Endorsement and Normalisation:
    The telework model needs to be incorporated as a standard work practice within the organisation to avoid structural separation of business activity. The aim is to embrace telework as part of the fabric and not a piecework adjunct.
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By ensuring that a road-map for integrating Telework into business activities is prepared then the enterprise will minimise startup costs and increase the likelihood of long-term success.