Telework Advantages


There are clearly quantifiable advantages from Telework that benefit organisations, individuals and the environment.

  Benefits for employees  
  • Reducing weekly commuting time and costs
  • Increased time spent with family through reduction of time spent commuting
  • Increased productivity through reduced distraction from colleagues, telephone calls and ad-hoc requests
  • May assist employees with disabilities

Benefits for managers/organisation

  • Increased productivity through reduced distraction when working away from the central workplace
  • Increased productivity as reduced time at the central workplace is used more efficiently
  • Increased operational resilience in the face of external disruption for example transport strikes, severe weather, natural disasters or terrorist action
  • May provide extended hours of operation
  • May ease parking demand
  • Possible reduction in accommodation costs as ‘hot desking’ may become an option.
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Telework also offers some less obvious but nonetheless tangible benefits.

  Other Benefits  
  • The available talent pool expands for employers - particularly for regional/rural businesses.
  • Working remotely can reduce the amount of cars on our roads.
  • Huge savings from not having to provide a large office to run your business.
  • Online tools such as Skype, Google, etc. allows contact with remote staff.
  • More free time and reduced stress by avoiding peak hour traffic congestion.