The critical issues for supporting remote workers are Reliability and Speed, particularly where bandwidth is constrained.

Fortunately, WebPublisher Studio was designed with limited bandwidth in mind.

Thick Client applications transfer data efficiently by only transmitting database content - all the interface and controls are built into the application (unlike a browser-based web service). Limited bandwidth can be optimised further by caching data in Client Server configurations thereby minimising traffic to only changed records in the parent database. What this all means is performance that approximates that on a LAN, particularly over ADSL/2/2+ or cable networks.

Indotender - Online Tender Subscription Service

"Stability is critical to our business model. We've had WebPublisher Studio running our services for over 7 years and cannot fault the reliability of the system. Indonesia's internet services can be unreliable at times and we've only ever experienced downtime because of poor network connections. The server is hosted in Australia but our operators in Jakarta can interact with the system as if the database was sitting on their machine."

Noel Harman - Consulting Director,


  • Optimised, secure data transportation using the WebPublisher Studio Thick Client API
  • Asynchronous connections when using WebPublisher Studio multi-instance cluster
  • Scalable to accommodate increased user connections by adding WebPublisher Studio cluster instances
  • Load balancing by dedicating WebPublisher Studio instances to specific batch tasks (eg. Mail, Reporting)
  • Port firewalling allows WebPublisher Studio instances to restrict services to separate user groups


WebPublisher Studio is written in Omnis Studio from Omnis Software and is one of the most stable and reliable database platforms available. Omnis has been used by thousands of developers and Fortune 500 companies world-wide for over 30 years. We chose this rich 4GL development environment because of its flexibility and stability across numerous operating systems and database platforms, and the fast prototyping tools it provides for writing complex systems.

WebPublisher Studio was used as the production database server for housing services at RMIT University and Victoria University for over 12 years. We've got systems that are well over 10 years old and still in production serving requests.

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