The Teleworker's Toolkit


Delivering access to the enterprise data is just the first step in connecting Teleworkers.

This shouldn't be seen as the only objective when integrating Telework into the enterprise workforce. Workers must be able to access all of the resources needed to support their business activities.

No-one would doubt the need for web and email access for teleworkers, but there are many other ways of creating a virtual workplace that feels more like traditional work.

Supplementary Technologies
  • Enterprise Intranets
    Teleworkers can be supported using remote access to corporate intranets (invisible to public internet access).
  • Chat services
    Internet Relay Chat (IRC) allows real time text-based conversations between remote users.
  • Weblogs (Blogs) & Wiki Services
    Blogs and Wikis can supplement the workplace intranet by allowing users to exchange information in a blog forum or to add to a Wiki knowledgebase.
  • Real Time Conferencing
    Services like Skype and FaceTime allow face-to-face conferencing in real time. Current technologies can even support limited group conferencing and file exchanges.
  • Group Scheduling
    Diaries and calendars can be shared and annotated over the internet using a variety of different tools that support the iCalendar (.ics) format.
  • Document Collaboration
    There are a variety of technologies available for workgroup collaboration on documents including spreadsheets, word processing etc. Content management systems (CMS) allow collaboration on website authoring.
  • Voice-over-IP (VOIP)
    VOIP offers low cost telephony for remote workers connecting to landlines and mobiles. Skype and FaceTime account holders can use VOIP for free.
  • Social Networks
    Social networking webservices can integrate remote workers in the absence of an intranet.
  • Smart Phones and Tablets
    These mobile devices can be integrated with all of the web technologies listed here and can extend the ambit of Telework to workers out on the road (eg. remote data collection)


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