WebPublisher Studio - Client Server Toolkit for TCP/IP


For over 10 years the team behind WebPublisher Studio have envisioned a world where data is accessible from anywhere on the planet. "So, what's new?", you say. Technologies like Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Virtual Network Clients (VNC), Virtualised Desktops (eg. Citrix) and the good-old web browser (with HTTPS where security is essential) allow this.

We'd mostly agree, but WebPublisher Studio delivers much more flexibility by putting your entire database application on your desktop anywhere you go. It's fast, full featured and capable of delivering complete, custom database applications that function identically, whether on the local area network or via the internet. And other Thick Client solutions are very expensive using conventional tools as well as being restricted to certain platforms and databases.

What it does

WebPublisher Studio is a complete TCP/IP development and production environment designed to leverage database applications onto the internet.

  • WebPublisher Studio applications deliver database content to "thin" Clients (eg. web browsers) and/or "thick" Client technologies (eg. custom database applications)
  • Supports Peer-to-Peer configurations such as data warehouses and integration servers.
  • WebPublisher Studio applications can be configured to interface with most TCP/IP compliant servers and clients as well as a range of proprietary database back-ends.

WebPublisher Studio is a complete Database Server capable of delivering active server pages and supporting Thick Clients.

  How it works  
  1. Business logic is programmed into the WebPublisher Studio Server Plugin libraries;
  2. The WebPublisher Studio Server is deployed to provide access to enterprise data;
  3. The Thick Client user interface and communication protocols are written using the WebPublisher Studio Thick Client toolkit;
  4. The remote processing module is deployed using a runtime version of the customised WebPublisher Studio client;
  5. Workgroups can perform offline or live processing of enterprise data based upon business logic in the thick application;
  6. Multi-tiered Client Server can be performed by workgroups (business units) or individuals connected directly to the centralised database over TCP/IP (the internet).
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