Example - Research Tools


This case study describes a Thick Client application used to collect data on a portable hand-held device.

Business Case

A research organisation needs to collect data from remote locations using a mix of straw poll sampling, focus groups and individual interviews.

  • All sample data is collected by research assistants using laptop computers and tablet devices.
  • Straw poll data is entered directly whilst interviewing the subject at their location (supermarkets, shopping malls etc).
  • Respondents can participate in more detailed data collection via focus groups and interviews.
  • Interviewees can enter personal data using electronic forms on the tablet or laptop.
  • Aggregated data is made available via the organisation's web site.


WebPublisher Studio is configured as a primary database server to collect data using a custom Thin Client application designed to support hand-held devices as well as as desktop computers.

  • Data collection involves a mobile work force with just-in-time data processing to aggregating server.
    - In this case data is being submitted using hand-held devices (Phone/Tablet).
    - Live data is available to researchers via the web site.

    Integrate a solution to provide a mobile access and entry into the enterprise database.
  • Authoring web forms for mobile researchers utilising the remote EDP system.
  • Prototype and deploy custom server software and web resources.