Example - Branch Integration


This case study describes Thick Client web services to manage a legal practice operating across several remote offices.

Business Case

The practice needs to manage client cases and matters on a centralised database but wishes to have all case management and billing handled autonomously by the branch offices.

  • Case Records are created and stored at the practice's headquarters.
  • Cases are then allocated to branch offices for processing and issuing accounts.
  • Invoices are processed at the main office by practice accounting staff.
  • Closed cases are de-allocated from the branch office and returned to the main system for reallocation if applicable.
  • Documents associated with a matter (ie. case files, briefs etc.) must be tracked using the system.


The application uses a combination of TCP/IP Thick Client and LAN Client, and auto senses the communication layer (LAN/Internet) during startup.

WebPublisher Studio is used as the database server to manage transactions using a custom Thick Client application. A custom LAN client provides access to extensive executive reporting not available to the Thick Client. The Remote Thick Client is also a LAN client managing data for the branch office workgroup across the branch office LAN.

  • Thick Client application allows solicitors to manage the client's case history securely from any site.
  • The branch office workgroup component of the Thick Client interacts with data (eg. billing) on the LAN.
  • The branch office interacts with the centralised database server to upload accounts, closed cases and changes to client data. It also downloads any new cases and changes to the lookup data held on the remote server.
  • The centralised database collates all data and compiles statistical reports and accounting information.