Example - Remote Bookings Management & Service Reporting


This case study looks at the use of Thick and Thin Client web services to manage appointments and collect service delivery statistics.

Business Case

The organisation wants to allow appointments to be scheduled using a mixture of LAN/WAN and internet sources. The enterprise database is a case management system recording contact information and appointment history.

  • Case management staff need to manage case appointments on the enterprise database,
  • Staff work at different sites and require a portable solution using a laptop computer.
  • Certain staff only require intranet support to access appointment information.
  • Clients can schedule appointments via the internet.
  • All scheduling needs to access current appointment information.


WebPublisher Studio is configured as the database server to deliver content to a custom Thick Client application and to the internet and a private intranet.

A custom LAN client provides access to extensive executive reporting not available to the Thick Client.

  • Thick Client application allows case workers to manage their client's case history securely from any site.
  • The intranet access allows staff to check appointments when away from their computer using phone, tablet, internet cafe etc.
  • The internet web service allows prospective clients to schedule appointments and supply basic intake data.
  • The enterprise database collates appointment data and compiles statistical reports about service delivery over time.