Example - Supporting a Mobile Workforce


This case study describes a Telework strategy to support a mobile workforce.

Business Case

A wholesaler needs to deliver real-time database access to support a mobile workforce comprising sales and delivery staff.

  • Sales team need information on pricing, stock levels, volume discounts and shipping times.
  • Sales team can generate live orders that can be satisfied by any driver servicing the local geographic area.
  • Customers can track despatch and shipment schedules via the company web site.
  • Delivery staff need just-in-time information regarding changes to deliver orders and facility to sign-off shipments.
  • Delivery staff need facility for accepting and logging returned items for RMA credit.
  • Back office rely on shipping data to settle consignments and issue customer accounts.


WebPublisher Studio is configured as a primary database server to manage communication between a custom Thin Client application and the enterprise DBMS.

  • Isolate the business processes to be accessed remotely
    - In this case data is being accessed through hand-held devices (Phone/Tablet) to sales and drivers.
    - Live data is available to workers using WAN telecommunications over a 3G network.
    - A notification system alerts drivers to changes to schedules with facility for drivers to accept or defer delivery based upon a range of criteria.
  • Integrate the solution to provide a mobile access and entry into the enterprise database.
  • Authoring web forms for mobile staff utilising the remote EDP system.
  • Prototype and deploy custom server software and web resources.
  • Implement version control and automatic updating components to accommodate future system revisions.