Example - Remote Electronic Data Processing (EDP)


This case study describes the use of Teleworkers for conventional enterprise data entry using any available internet portal.

Business Case
The enterprise needs to complement the existing workforce by engaging Teleworkers to supplement EDP during peak periods.
  • Data entry can be restricted to specific process contributing to business operations.
  • Teleworkers broaden the skill base available to the enterprise.
  • Data content is sourced remotely for entry into the enterprise system.
  • Engaging Teleworkers to supplement data processing benefits employer due to reduced staffing overheads and the teleworker by providing ongoing part-time work that can be performed from home.
  • Data processing activity can be extended by utilising Teleworkers residing in different timezones.
  • Teleworker activity can be monitored by the system (eg. if piece rates are applicable).

WebPublisher Studio is configured as a middleware server to manage communication between a custom Thick Client application and the enterprise DBMS. The steps involved for implementation are:

  • Isolate the business activities to be supported remotely
    - In this case data is being collected from local sources that needs to be expertly classified and entered in the enterprise system.
    - Teleworker activity is monitored through logins and form submissions.
  • Integrate the Thick Client solution to provide a data stream for the enterprise system.

    This can be achieved by either:

    (a) programming the middleware to arbitrate access to the enterprise system implementing the same business rules, or
    (b) creating a batch import file that can be periodically updated into the enterprise DBMS.

  • Authoring Intranet resources to supplement support for Teleworkers utilising the remote EDP system.
  • Prototype and deploy custom server software and client applications.
  • Implement version control and automatic updating components to accommodate future system revisions.